Amtrak, the National Park Service's Trails and Rails Program, and the Department of Recreation, Park and Tourism Sciences at Texas A&M University have created audio podcasts to enhance your travel experience on the Sunset Limited (New Orleans – Los Angeles) and Texas Eagle trains (Chicago – San Antonio – Los Angeles). The podcasts will act as your trip guide, providing you with information on the travel experience, points of interest, and other information to enhance your journey.

Links will be provided for you to subscribe and download on your mobile devices. Written documents will be provided with the podcasts as well. To begin, please choose the city pairs you will be travelling between, and select them on the left side of this page.

The audio podcasts below have been created to simplify the downloading process for listeners with plenty of digital storage space. They contain all audio tracks between Los Angeles and San Antonio, San Antonio and New Orleans, and San Antonio and Chicago. Be sure to select the correct starting and ending direction so that the podcast series is correctly ordered for your trip.

Instructions For Downloading and Listening to Amtrak Audio Podcasts

On this page, you are provided with three options to download and listen to the any of the audio podcasts that occur between the Amtrak stations you selected on the Amtrak Podcast homepage. While you may download only the audio podcast series you are interested in, we recommend you download all listed for your trip in advance as data access will likely be limited. Please note that the audio podcasts are fairly large in size. If you have a device with a mobile data plan, you may wish to use WiFi to avoid data charges.


The RSS feed image links to a generic format that can be used to automatically download the series of audio files needed for your podcast. This link is readable by many Linux, Mac and Windows programs in addition to 3rd party apps for Android, Blackberry, iOS, and Windows Phone smartphone and tablet operating systems.

To use this format on a computer, you can simply right-click the RSS image and select "Copy link address", "Copy link location", or "Copy shortcut" depending on your browser and paste the link into your RSS feed reader for each audio podcast series in which you are interested.

To use this format on a smartphone or tablet, first locate and download a RSS feed reader app from your device’s respective smartphone app market. Then browse to the Amtrak Podcast Homepage and select your starting and ending cities, then press search. After the site has returned the audio podcast series that are appropriate for your trip, you may copy the url for each series that you wish to download to your device and paste it into your podcast reader of choice.

Some feed readers may not automatically download the audio podcasts and may require you to take a few extra steps to make those audio podcasts available while on the trip. To learn more about that process, please consult the help within the app or at the app developer’s website for further information.


For those who prefer to use iTunes you can click on the iTunes image to view the audio podcast in iTunes. For instructions on how to subscribe to podcasts, please see Apple’s website at www.apple.com/itunes/podcasts/fanfaq.html


When you click on the Info image, you will be presented with a short summary of each podcast and will be able to directly download the audio podcasts to your computer. Further instructions to download the audio podcasts in that manner are contained on the same page.

Los Angeles, CA to
San Antonio, TX


San Antonio, TX to
Los Angeles, CA


San Antonio, TX to
Chicago, IL


Chicago, IL to
San Antonio, TX


San Antonio, TX to
New Orleans, LA


New Orleans, LA to
San Antonio, TX


Amtrak Podcasts

With Gratitude


The podcast team wishes to thank Eva Hoffman. Eva invited us to use information from her book, "A Guide to Amtrak's Sunset Limited," which provided invaluable background material (published by Flashing Yellow Guidebooks, 2009).

We are very grateful for to the following entities for generously allowing us to use their music and sound effects free of charge for this educational project: